Tamil Nadu Cultural Society of Canada (TNCSC) is a Not-for-Profit Ontario Corporation serving Indian Tamils in Canada. It was established in May 1997 on an informal basis as an association of like minded Indian Tamils. It was registered in February 1998 as a not-for-profit corporation in the province of Ontario to connect Tamil Diasporas of Indian Tamils in Canada. The purpose is to serve Tamils of Indian origin in Canada and preserve and promote the heritage of our culture in Canada by celebrating festivals like Pongal combined with Christmas and English New Year, Tamil New Year and Deepavali combined with Eid. This will facilitate the people of Tamil Nadu from different religion to feel Canada as a home away from home. We also help Tamil kids of Indo-Canadian Tamils to understand our rich heritage and the culture. Association is also assisting the new immigrants from Tamilnadu to settle down fast in Canada by providing necessary information relating to Canadian society, settlement, job search and community support by means of networking.

TNCSC is a one and only largest Indian Tamil Organisation in Canada for the people of Tamilnadu as a whole.

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